Monday, November 5, 2012

November ABS Challenge

Hi everyone!!!  I have been so busy busy in the last few months that I have been unable to post anything as hard as you may find that to believe. I have a bad habit of not creating a blog post for my Art Bead Scene monthly challenges and finally decided to get down to it. This month's inspiration piece is unique for me because of the colors: black and white mainly, which I do not use often in my designs. I find that interesting since I wear black and white clothes A LOT!!!!!

My bead table was so crazy disorganized tonight as I kept playing with different techniques and beads for the piece I was to create.

But I love the final result:


Hope that many of you participate this month!
Write to you soon.


  1. HI Laura, This is your bead soup partner Regina, hoping to hear from you. Please email me. Thanks.

  2. Looking for your Bead Soup!

    And this CAPTCHA is a real challenge for the vision-challenged beader.

  3. Gorgeous card love the layout and your colouring of the image is fabulous.
    clipping path